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Ecopolis HTZ Owned by Mr Yaroslavskyi Signed a Memorandum with an IT Cluster for the Development of ‘Ukrainian Silicon Valley’ in Kharkiv

The management company of the business park of high technologies Ecopolis KhTZ’ owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Kharkiv cluster of information technologies (Kharkiv IT-cluster).

As reported, Mr Yaroslavskyi, the owner and head of the DCH group, is the general investor and coordinator of the national project announced by President Zelenskyi to create a Ukrainian Silicon Valley in Kharkiv. And the business park Ecopolis HTZ is also a launching platform for the implementation of initiatives for the development of IT-entrepreneurship and technologies.

‘We plan to work together to create the Ukrainian Silicon Valley. The President of Ukraine set this task to Kharkiv as it is a city of high technologies, IT and engineers. It can become the place that will stimulate the development of the high-tech sector of the whole country,’ said  Director of the management company Ecopolis HTZ at the ceremony of signing a memorandum with the IT cluster.

According to him, a full cycle will be created in the future Ukrainian Silicon Valley for the implementation of high-tech projects: education, development, and production implementation.

The memorandum signed today presupposes interaction with the Kharkiv IT-cluster in the field of sustainable development of the IT industry and the creation of an ecosystem of technology business in the region.

‘When the idea of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley project came up, we decided to establish partnerships with Ecopolis HTZ. IT-industry of the Kharkiv city is one of the leading in terms of growth in Europe, and many IT companies are located here. Kharkiv is the heart of technical education. I am sure that thanks to the implementation of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley project, the city will take a leading position not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, and will boost large-scale and high-tech solutions that will be used all over the world,’ commented Olha Shapoval, Executive Director of the Kharkiv IT-cluster.

As it is known, Kharkiv, having a rich scientific and industrial potential, will become the centre of the implementation of the initiative of Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the President of Ukraine, on the creation of the ‘Ukrainian Silicon Valley’. The Kharkiv city authorities have created a working group to coordinate the work on the project. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, who previously successfully prepared Kharkiv for EURO 2012 in the same status and invested $300 million in the creation of the infrastructure of the tournament, will become its general investor and coordinator.

The creation of the ‘Ukrainian Silicon Valley’ in Kharkiv is one of the priority areas of the city's improvement plan until 2030.

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