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Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s Ecopolis HTZ to Become a Technology Development and Implementation Center in the Field of Energy Efficiency

The management company of Ecopolis HTZ, a new-generation business park created by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, a famous Ukrainian businessman, signed a memorandum of cooperation with O. M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy as to Energy Innovation Hub.

This memorandum aims to ensure the cooperation in the field of energy efficiency at Energy Innovation Hub with further adaptation and implementation of projects at the technology park within the Ecopolis HTZ project. The project is supported by the German Agency for International Cooperation.

EnInHub will focus on energy efficiency projects, certification of buildings and engineering systems and advanced trainings of energy audit and energy management experts as well as will serve as a training and educational platform for energy efficiency events.

“Ecopolis HTZ is a unique ecosystem where the state-of-the-art technologies related to ecology and energy saving will be implemented. To that end, we invited the world’s largest companies: Cushman & Wakefield—an international consulting company—and Egis. We won’t be engaged in any improvements but will build efficiently and ecofriendly. We take the best world-class standards and implement them in our project,”  Director at Ecopolis HTZ’s management company, said and invited the students of O. M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy to take part in the grandiose project—Ecopolis HTZ—that has become an integral part of the Kharkiv development strategy for the next decade and is also the heart of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley national project. To recap, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi is the general investor of the project.

Igor Terekhov, First Vice-Mayor of Kharkiv, invited the students to join Ecopolis HTZ where EnInHub projects will be implemented.

“Energy efficiency lays the foundation for the modern cities in the future, as the energy costs have increased, are increasing and will continue to increase. The only way to save energy is to develop energy efficiency projects. We spend a lot of funds on energy, so life teaches us to count money. Opening such hub in Kharkiv is super modern; this is a step into the future and into the development of our city. We have many areas where energy efficient solutions are needed. Take, for example, the subway, trams, trolleybuses and the entire engineering infrastructure. And we need experts who will work in this area,” Igor Terekhov said.

“The hub’s philosophy is the synergy of education, science, government and business in order to create an environment for energy efficient thinking and communication as well as a platform to develop and implement energy efficient projects,” Volodymyr Babayev, Head of O. M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy, commented the signing of the memorandum with Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s Ecopolis KhTZ. “It is important that we have improved our capacity to train energy efficiency experts. We have been already training energy auditors and cooperating with construction companies to issue energy efficiency certificates and passports, and now we are going to take our work to a new level. Together we will build the energy efficient Kharkiv.”

Previously, a number of other global technology and IT companies announced their intentions to become Ecopolis HTZ residents, for example, ZTE Corporation, a provider of telecommunications equipment and solutions. Other global high-tech companies, including Alibaba, Huawei, Cisco, etc., are negotiating to acquire a resident status as well.

Tus-Holdings, an investment and industrial company that globally manages dozens of similar business ecosystems as well as production and research platforms in many countries worldwide, will take part in the development of the Ecopolis HTZ business ecosystem with its industrial and technology parks.

Ecopolis HTZ, a new-generation diversified business park, is a long-term investment project of DCH owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. By efficiently using and deeply redeveloping the territory of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, the company will create a fundamentally new world-class innovative ecosystem for business development and research. It is planned to invest USD 1 billion in the project, as this will provide at least 10 thousand modern jobs in Ukraine thanks to the development of the industrial park, IT cluster, medical center, logistics center and trade cluster, agro-technological cluster, research (R&D) and educational centers.

Ecopolis HTZ is the center where Ukrainian Silicon Valley, the national project initiated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, will be implemented. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, Owner and President of DCH, will be the general investor and coordinator of Ukrainian Silicon Valley in Kharkiv. The project will be implemented at the Ecopolis HTZ high-tech business park. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi has already successfully acted as the general investor and coordinator of the key regional project—preparing Kharkiv for Euro 2012. He invested over USD 300 million in the construction of the new stadium, the airport, the first luxury hotel for the UEFA headquarters and other necessary infrastructure facilities in the city.

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