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Ecopolis HTZ Owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi Becomes a Platform to Develop Aerospace Engineering

Ecopolis HTZ, the new-generation business park created by DCH, the Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s company, will facilitate commercial use of the inventions and technologies developed by the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI).

This is stated in the Memorandum signed between the managing company of Ecopolis HTZ and KhAI.

The goals of the Memorandum include the development, design, and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. In addition, Ecopolis HTZ will help KhAI find business partners who deal with the design and modernization of gas turbine plants, control systems, and avionics equipment.

It is emphasized that the KhAI experts and scientists can develop, adapt, and implement innovations in practice at Ecopolis HTZ according to the Memorandum.

Previously, Ecopolis HTZ signed similar memorandums on joint partner search with other leading scientific and technological centers in Kharkiv: the Kharkiv University Consortium of Leading Universities, the National Science Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology”, and the National Scientific Center “Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O. N. Sokolovsky”.

Together with Ecopolis HTZ, the Kharkiv research centers aim at finding business partners and jointly implementing projects related to scientific and technological developments and applied technologies. The memorandums lay the foundation for enhancing cooperation between business and science at the Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s technology park that will become the center for knowledge-intensive industries and R&D activities in order to implement innovative technologies and solutions.

Based at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTP), Ecopolis HTZ, the next-generation multi-industry business park, is a long-term investment project of DCH owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. Today DCH is creating an innovative world-class business, research, and production ecosystem in Kharkiv. The planned investments of USD 1 billion will provide at least 10 thousand modern jobs in Ukraine thanks to the development of the industrial park, IT cluster, medical center, logistics center, trade and agro-technological clusters, and R&D and educational centers. Ecopolis HTZ is an anchor project of the Kharkiv development strategy for the next decade according to the statements made by representatives of the City Council.

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