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Ecopolis HTZ Signed a Memorandum with a Global Industrial and Technological Parks Operator

Ecopolis HTZ, the Kharkiv business park of a new generation, created by the DCH group owned by famous Ukrainian businessman Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Tus-Holdings, a large Chinese investment and industrial company.

The document was signed by the management company of the Ecopolis HTZ business park on behalf of the DCH, and a representative of Tus Sunergy Company Limited (Tus-Holdings’ branch), specializing in the development of industrial and Technological parks, on behalf of Tus-Holdings.

"The memorandum signed today is a potentially enormous synergy of interaction between science, innovation and modern production. This cooperation will enable Ecopolis HTZ business park to become an organic part of the global innovation and industrial process, and Kharkiv will have the chance to become one of the leading intellectual, technological and scientific hubs on the world map. The park has everything for this: a traditionally strong industrial base, scientific and engineering personnel. Cooperation in the global ecosystem of innovations and high-tech technology and industrial parks will become a great stimulus for the improvement of the city, its talents and the commercialization of scientific developments," said Vitaliy Barannikov, Director of the Management Company of the high-tech business park Ecopolis HTZ, about the aims of the partnership.

According to the terms of the memorandum, Ecopolis HTZ and Tus Sunergy Company Limited will become partners in the field of development and attracting Chinese and international residents to Ecopolis HTZ. The Chinese company will become a partner of the Kharkiv business park owned by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi in the engineering, supply and construction industry.

“Kharkiv has been famous for its scientific developments for many decades. We have common goals and values with Ecopolis HTZ, such as the development of industries and innovations that are ahead of their time, and as a result, the joint formation of the future and technologies of tomorrow. Tus Sunergy Company Limited is a global ecosystem for the interaction of the science and technology industry, funding for science and technology development, and interaction in the field of education. Kharkiv and Ecopolis HTZ have everything necessary to become an integral part of the global ecosystem of innovations, developments and industrial solutions of the future,” the representatives of the Chinese company emphasized.

Tsinghua University will create an official representative office at the territory of the Ecopolis HTZ business park in Kharkiv.

The subsidiary Tus-Holdings is already the second business resident of the Ecopolis HTZ park, representing the field of high-tech developments, innovations, and investments. It was earlier reported that a memorandum with the Chinese corporation ZTE, a global innovation leader in the production of equipment and development of solutions for the telecom industry, was signed.

Information about Tus-Holdings

Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. is a holding company owning shares in about 800 registered companies at the stock exchange with total assets under management of almost YUAN 200 billion in the development and production of environmental equipment, solid waste disposal business, management of science, technology and industrial parks, business in the education, investment in venture capital projects and acceleration of startups. Tsinghua Science and Technology Park TusPark is a flagship facility with a total area of 770 thousand sq.m., where more than 1,500 companies are located. It is an ecosystem for the research centres of multinational companies, the headquarters of Chinese technology and innovation companies. Over 20 years of development experience has given Tus-Holdings a wealth of experience in the planning, construction and management of science and technology parks, resulting in a high-class management team. The active promotion of the organic interaction of innovative resources and the regional economy has made it possible to create a global network of innovation centres of more than 300 incubators, science parks and technology cities. Tus-Holdings network covers Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities of mainland China, as well as special administrative regions of China Hong Kong and Macao, in addition, a number of countries (USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil), a total of more than 80 cities and regions at home and abroad, which have become the main force in the system of technological innovation in China. Tus-Holdings builds up the interaction of the scientific and technical industry, financing of science and technology, education. Tus-Holdings' technology industry sector is mainly focused on five strategic emerging industries: environmental protection, new energy, healthcare, digital economy and new materials.

Information about Ecopolis HTZ

Business Park of high technologies Ecopolis HTZ is a long-term investment project of the DCH group owned by Mr Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. It will be located on the unused production areas of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTZ), known in the world since the Soviet times, which will become an anchor resident of the industrial cluster.  A redevelopment of a territory of about 150 hectares involves the construction of more than 500 thousand sq.m. of office, warehouse, industrial and other premises. The planned volume of investments in the development of the business, technological, production and research ecosystem of Ecopolis HTZ is about USD 1 billion until 2033. The implementation of this project will create at least 10 thousand new jobs. The business park will include an industrial park, a technological park (IT and R&D clusters), a logistics complex with an e-commerce distribution centre, agro-technology and trade clusters, medical and educational centres. Ecopolis HTZ is one of the key projects of the development strategy of Kharkiv for 2020–2030.

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