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Ecopolis HTZ Owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the International Consulting Company Cushman & Wakefield

Ecopolis HTZ High-Tech Business Park, a long-term investment project of DCH group of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi, will be created with the participation of the international company Cushman & Wakefield. The cooperation agreement was signed today.

The international team of experts of Cushman & Wakefield will develop the commercial concept of Ecopolis HTZ, formulate a strategy for attracting anchor tenants and residents, as well as provide consulting support for the development of the general plan of the Project.

‘Given the scale and uniqueness of the Ecopolis HTZ project, DCH initially focused on working with a company that is part of the Big Four global consultants in the field of real estate management. We know that Cushman & Wakefield team has extensive experience in implementing complex infrastructure projects, including the creation of industrial parks, as well as the integrated development of large real estate properties. We are sure that we will get the optimal concept of a project of high infrastructural and commercial value as a result of the work,” told Vitaly Barannikov, Director of Ecopolis HTZ Management Company on the cooperation agreement.

Ecopolis HTZ High-Tech Business Park is a long-term investment project of DCH group of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi. Ecopolis HTZ business park will be located on the free production facilities of Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTZ), known in the world since the Soviet Union. The current KhTZ production complex will become an anchor resident of the industrial cluster. The redevelopment will be carried out on an area of about 150 hectares. It is planned to build more than 500 thousand square meters of office, warehouse, industrial and other premises. The planned volume of investments in the creation of Ecopolis HTZ is about $1 billion until 2033; at least 10,000 modern jobs will appear as a result of the project. The business park will include an industrial park, a technological park (IT and R&D clusters), a logistics complex with an e-commerce distribution centre, an agrotechnological and trade cluster, a medical and educational centre.

Cushman & Wakefield (New York Stock Exchange: CWK) is a leading international company providing consulting and agent services in the field of commercial real estate. Fifty-three thousand experts of the company help investors and landlords to ensure the exceptional value of their property in more than 60 countries. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the largest consulting companies in the field of commercial real estate in the world, with an annual income of $8.8 billion. The main business areas are property management, project management, capital markets, strategic consulting, valuation, agency and other services. The company's experts have experience in implementing systemic projects in industrial regions of Poland, developing and repositioning the office district to attract talents commissioned by the Brussels government, regenerating and redeveloping the territory of a former steel factory in the centre of Prague, redeveloping the territory of a former industrial facility in Krakow, Poland. Also, the Cushman & Wakefield portfolio includes participation in one of the most significant projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, involving the creation of a new city for $26.6 billion.

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