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Architectural Solutions for the Ecopolis HTZ To Be Created by Egis from the World Architecture Top 100 Rating

Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi engages a well-known worldwide company Egis to develop the architectural solution and design the Ecopolis HTZ business park. The project is to be implemented by a consortium of 3 companies owned by the Egis Group: Egis Ukraina, Egis Bâtiments International and 10 DESIGN included in the World Architecture Top 100 rating.

A corresponding contract was signed between representatives of the Management Company of the Ecopolis HTZ business park and Egis.

“The DCH group owned by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyi give special consideration to the future architectural solution of the Ecopolis HTZ business ecosystem as the business park is a crucial part of the improvement of the urban and innovative industrial infrastructure of Kharkiv. It is a project that will define the future face and spirit of our city, will become a driver of its growth and an innovative heart. Therefore, both the business park and its technological solutions should literally be ahead of their era, anticipate trends and innovations that we will see in the improvement of urban and industrial architecture in a decade," commented Vitaliy Barannikov, Director of the Management Company, on the involvement of one of the most renowned international architectural and engineering companies to create the Ecopolis HTZ business park.

Egis is one of the world leaders in the field of architectural, engineering and maintenance services that will develop a master plan and architectural concept for the Ecopolis HTZ, as well as provide engineering and technical support for the project.

"It is a great honour for us to take part in the creation of such a large-scale project both for Kharkiv and Ukraine in general. The Ecopolis HTZ will combine business, industry, advanced developments, and research. Our international team has extensive experience in performing similar projects around the world, and we will be happy to help design a business park that city residents will admire and be proud of," commented Arnaud de Rouji, Director of Egis for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The architectural solutions for the Ecopolis HTZ will be offered by the British division of 10-Design, Egis group. The general planning of the Ecopolis HTZ business park will be coordinated by the company’s office in Edinburgh (Great Britain), and Egis Ukraina will provide the engineering support.

The specialists of the Egis international team involved in the implementation of Kharkiv project named the Ecopolis HTZ have experience in implementing large-scale projects for the development of urban infrastructure, the development of historical city centres, as well as the redevelopment of industrial territories and the creation of industrial and technology parks in the largest cities and business centres of China, Turkey, UAE, UK, Hungary, and other countries.

The Ecopolis HTZ will become part of the strategic development plan of Kharkiv for the next decade and will be the centre of technological research and development for the city with a population of millions, a platform for modern science-intensive industries.

Egis is an international group providing engineering, project structuring, and operations services. The company focuses on the sectors of transport, urban development, civil engineering, industry, water supply and sanitation, environmental protection and energy in the field of engineering and consulting. The company employs more than 15 thousand employees in Europe, the Middle East, the South and North America, Australia, Africa. Egis’ turnover equalled to EUR 1.29 billion in 2019.

10 Design is an international company with studios in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Edinburgh, Dubai, Miami, and London. It was founded in 2010 and has won over 70 international awards and significant design competitions. 10 Design has been included in the World Architecture Top 100 rating since 2012, and it joined the Egis Group in 2017.

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